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Meet Our Meats! Learn More About Our Barbecued Proteins for Corporate Catering

Which Will You Choose for Your Next Celebration, Conference, Training, or Executive Luncheon?

Henn House BBQ offers a selection of crowd-pleasing and award-winning barbecue meats on our corporate catering menu. Our list is so long, in fact, that it can be hard for some office event planners to choose.

Our corporate caterer team is always happy to help you craft the perfect menu and answer questions about our offerings. Keep reading to meet the meats we serve as entrees.

Pulled Pork or Sliced Pork Loin

Plump pork loin is slowly smoked and either pulled or sliced to serve. Pulled pork is perfect for sandwiches, with a balanced mix of barbecue sauce on a soft roll. Sliced pork loin elevates a barbecue meal for lunch catering with a more formal feel.

Pulled pork’s picnic vibe pairs well with any traditional barbecue sides, like coleslaw, beans, potato salad, and potato chips. Sliced pork loin is ideally served with sides like loaded garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, and a crisp lettuce salad. Applesauce is a tasty topper for sliced pork loin.

Pulled Chicken

In the same fun vein as pulled pork comes pulled chicken, a high-protein, lower fat choice for traditional barbecue sandwiches. Pulled chicken meat is drizzled with our signature barbecue sauce and served on soft rolls.

Like pulled pork, pulled chicken sandwiches pair well with traditional picnic-style side dishes, for a fun and satisfying meal.

Pulled Beef Brisket or Sliced Beef Brisket

Our brisket won the 2023 Best of Galesburg Award for Best Brisket, so it’s a solid choice for almost any event.

A pulled beef brisket sandwich is a slightly elevated option from chicken or pork, with the deep flavor and texture of red meat bringing out the richness of barbecue sauce. Pulled beef brisket sandwiches are an ideal pairing with potato salad, Italian pasta salad, or our decadent macaroni and cheese for your lunch catering menu.

Sliced beef brisket is ideal for more upscale office events, like holiday celebrations and other important milestones. Tender and juicy beef brisket slices can be reminiscent of a sliced flank steak, which we’d recommend pairing with cheesy potatoes, green beans, salad, and dinner rolls.

Smoked Chicken Breast or Smoked Turkey Breast

Full of flavor, smoked chicken or turkey breast are leaner than pork or beef without sacrificing the juiciness you expect from quality barbecue. Both are great options for simple picnic-style buffets, but they can also be elevated for a more formal event, depending on the sides you choose.

For a more casual meal, opt for barbecue beans, buttered corn, and a mixed fruit bowl for sides. To take it up a notch, choose macaroni and cheese, a lettuce salad, and mashed potatoes.

Smoked Prime Rib Catering for Corporate Events

For a luxurious affair to remember, make your main course a juicy smoked prime rib. Prime rib is smoked slowly on low for hours for a perfect medium-rare or medium finish. Smokey edges and a pink center are ideal for this delectable dish.

Because it’s such a tender, juicy dish, you may want to pair rich sides with it, or go the complete opposite route with lighter fare. Ultimately, the menu is totally up to you.

Double-Smoked Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

For a rustic, country event, double-smoked brown sugar glazed ham is a delicious entree with a hint of sweetness. Our secret recipe glaze brings out flavor notes and caramelizes the fat for a slightly crisp edge on every slice.

Serving ham makes for a unique catered corporate lunch menu, but you could also change things up at the office and make your next meal brunch! A fresh mixed fruit bowl and spring mix lettuce salad with the right dressing gives major upscale breakfast vibes. Henn House BBQ can help you craft a menu like this that makes sense for your event and time of day.

Sloppy Joes

Inspire nostalgia in your colleagues with lunch catering that includes sloppy joe sandwiches, or add them to the menu for the annual work family picnic! Our classic ‘joes are served on soft buns to help hold in the juicy, meaty goodness. Don’t worry; we’ll bring plenty of napkins with your buffet service.

Crowd-favorite sloppy joes pair well with our original potato chips, creamy potato salad, and coleslaw.

Book Catering for Corporate Events with Henn House BBQ

When you book a caterer for your next training session, seminar, or celebration, you want to know that the food you’re getting is seriously tasty. But you also want to know that you’re getting great service, too.

Henn House BBQ is an award-winning corporate caterer that specializes in both. Voted Taste of Galesburg Best Caterer in 2023, Henn House is a family-owned and operated caterer and food truck, fully focused on satisfying every client and their guests.

To book catering for a corporate event, complete our online inquiry form. After you complete the form, schedule a call to confirm your menu and reserve your date.


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