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Make Your Summer Work Event a Sizzling Success with Corporate Catering from Henn House BBQ

This Summer, Book BBQ for a Corporate Event That Promises to Be “Lit”

It’s never too early to start planning for the summer, and why not? After all, nothing gets an office or organization in a great mood like knowing they have sunshine, food, and social time to look forward to. This is precisely why as a business, it’s important to get ahead of the game and book your lunch catering event or company picnic for the summer with Henn House BBQ.

As our schedule starts to fill up, we figured we’d fill you in on all you need to know for catering your corporate event, barbeque style!

BBQ cookouts are immensely popular among employees. A more casual theme promotes an ease and relaxation and complements the beautiful season. Additionally, corporate events and socials look different than they did 10 years ago.

Businesses of all types support a diverse workforce, and with many supporting a hybrid or partially remote work setup, it’s more important than ever to make sure that corporate events are bringing employees together and creating memories that unite people.

With the summer rapidly approaching, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of competitors and book BBQ catering for your corporate event.

What Food Do I Choose for a BBQ Lunch Catering Event?

Our menu promises something for everyone - another great benefit of BBQ. For a casual summer-style lunch, you can’t go wrong with our BBQ sandwiches. We offer pulled pork, pulled chicken, and a pulled beef brisket sandwich. Served with coleslaw, salad, or a hot side, this is your perfect option to pull off for a social event that keeps everyone smiling.

If you’re looking for a more traditional menu for your corporate catering BBQ event, try some of our traditional meat main dishes. Our plump sliced pork loin, sliced beef brisket, and Henn House sloppy joes offer rich options with mouth-watering taste, sure to have everyone raving about the food.

Alternatively you could go with classic smoked meat for your main dish. Henn House BBQ is famous for our smoked meats, good enough to cement itself in the memory of any BBQ lover. Try our juicy smoked chicken breast, smoked prime rib, or smoked turkey breast for a delicious catered lunch to win everyone over. For an extra tasty-factor, why not try our baked beans for the full BBQ experience?

For non-meat-eaters on your team, order our vegetarian lasagna, mac & cheese, cheesy potatoes, and any of our fresh salads. Dietary restrictions are no match for our mouth-watering spread at your corporate catering event.

To make sure you’re covered from start to finish, we also offer yummy appetizers and delectable desserts, including candied bacon, freshly baked brownies, chocolate chunk cookies, and a selection of cobblers - so warn your team to leave room for dessert!

What Henn House BBQ Provides for You

Our catering for corporate events is tailor-made. This means you tell us what you’re looking for, and we help you design a menu perfect for your event.

After we plan a menu and book your date in our calendar, your hard work is already done. We bring the food, serving utensils, dinnerware, napkins, and condiments to make sure you get to enjoy your event while we cover the basics.

Henn House BBQ serves the greater western Illinois area that includes Galesburg, Peoria, Bloomington, Macomb, Rock Island and Moline. We also serve the eastern Iowa area including Davenport, Burlington, Clinton, Fort Madison, and Muscatine.

Our Corporate Catering Promise

When you choose Henn House BBQ, you get great taste, excellent service, and food that is so good it brings people together to make core memories.

A barbecue theme for your work social or catered lunch means a more exciting and interesting event compared to typical catering for corporate events. Henn House BBQ provides endless options that fit any taste or diet. As well as tasting great and providing an affordable way to cater for many, we’ve found that the scent of smokiness in the air is an instant mood-setter for our guests that you just don’t find with other cuisine - so get ready for a winning atmosphere!

Whether it’s a casual catered lunch, a big outdoor company picnic, or a conference or seminar, Henn House BBQ has exactly what you need to make your day a success. With the perfect menu to provide something for everyone, service with a smile, and caterers that love what they do, book now to get your corporate event on our calendar.


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