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7 Tips for Assembling the Perfect BBQ Catered Lunch for Your Office

Our Guide to Hosting a Memorable Corporate Meal in Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa

Feeding an office full of executives and associates - and satisfying every unique palate - is a challenge akin to the likes of reality TV cooking competitions. Even if you're not the one donning the apron and firing up the grill, working out how to achieve the feat takes brain power and energy.

To take some of the uncertainties out of assembling the perfect BBQ catering for your next corporate lunch, follow these helpful tips.

Start Planning Early

When you’re tasked with planning a corporate lunch for a special event or an appreciation day, your instinct to start making plans several weeks in advance are on point. Allowing ample time to book BBQ in Galesburg, IL, or other surrounding towns in western Illinois and eastern Iowa ends the possibility of panic over time constraints.

Contact a BBQ catering company as soon as you know the date you’ll be hosting the catered lunch. Book your date to hold your spot on the calendar so you can keep planning all the little details.

Choose Your Entrees First

Rather than going down the menu in order of what your office colleagues will consume, start with the big decision: the entrees. If you’re reviewing menus for the best BBQ near you, you might find entrees like pulled pork sandwiches, smoked chicken breast, or sliced beef brisket.

Choose two or three main course options that cover a spectrum of food preferences and restrictions. For example, a smoked meat without barbecue sauce ensures those eating a low-carb or gluten-free diet have a suitable meal. You may also want to consider a pork alternative if your officemates follow strict religious diets.

By choosing the entrees first, you can easily select side dishes that complement them and fill in additional dietary requirements.

Include Vegetarian Side Dishes and Appetizers in Your BBQ Catering

BBQ catering in Burlington, IL, and its surrounding cities comes with your choice of side dishes to serve with your main course. Because BBQ, at its core, often prioritizes meat-based dishes, you may be wondering how to accommodate your vegetarian coworkers. Despite its focus on succulent meat, barbecue catering can work for a variety of dietary choices.

Choose multiple side dishes, ensuring some are vegetarian, so everyone in the office can enjoy their lunch. Side dishes like coleslaw, cheesy potatoes, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, potato salad, buttered corn, chips, and soft rolls can be prepared for vegetarian coworkers.

To ensure adequate food options for everyone on your invitation list, you might want to select an appetizer that is meat-free and also healthful, like a colorful veggie tray or fresh fruit tray.

Opt for Buffet-Style Serving

Corporate event attendees love having choices for their meals, which is why buffet-style serving is ideal for these gatherings. A buffet, rather than plated meals, allows your event attendees to select only the food they want, in the portion sizes that are ideal for them.

Buffet-style BBQ caterers near you are pros at gauging how much of each dish to cook and serve, so don’t worry about running out if your colleagues take larger portions than you expected. Freedom of food choice is one way that makes barbecue for office lunches a smart choice.

Consider Seating for your BBQ Catered Meal

As you make your guest list and select the conference room or event space where you’ll host your corporate event, it’s time to start thinking about the kind of seating and tables you’ll set up.

If your event will feature adequate seating for everyone at all times, you’ll likely choose large round or banquet-style tables. If you’re planning a more casual come-and-go gathering, cocktail tables are fantastic options that don’t take up a lot of space.

Barbecue is ideal for either seating type, and as long as your colleagues have a place to rest their refreshing glass of iced tea and lunch plate while they devour hearty BBQ sandwiches and savory sides, they’ll be happy!

Plan Decorations and Invitations

Now that your catering is booked and your food is chosen, put the finishing touches on your event by coordinating your invitations and decorations to a theme. BBQ catering lends itself toward both casual and more formal themes, so you don’t have to worry about whether your event will feel cohesive.

Send invitations and collect RSVPs to get a headcount for your event, and contact your caterer about two weeks prior to allow preparation for the perfect amount of tasty barbecue.

Have Fun at Your Corporate Lunch!

With all the planning complete, your buffet set up, and decorations in place, don’t forget to have fun at your corporate lunch.


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