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Henn House Barbeque FAQ

We love getting to know our community, clients, and food truck fans. Every day we get questions from people wanting to know more about Henn House Barbeque! Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully get you started and see why Henn House Barbeque is different.


1. Where is Henn House Barbeque located?

We are based in Altona, Illinois. Although we do not have a restaurant, we do host events at our Altona locations. Events such as wedding tastings, Cooking with Phil, and our take-home-meals happen right from our Henn House space in Altona!

2. Are you going to open a restaurant?

Although we know to "never say never"...opening a restaurant is not the plan. We love being able to have personal communication is each one of our catering clients and don't want a restaurant interfering with that. The Food Truck is a great middle ground for us!

3. Where is the food truck set up?

The Henn House Barbeque food truck wanders! This Summer/Fall you'll find us in Galesburg, Oneida, Peoria, and more! The best way to keep up with locations is through our VIP email list, Facebook, and Instagram.

4. How far do you travel?

The Food truck can travel within 60 miles of Galesburg, Illinois. However, we cater much further, and the distance can vary. We have traveled to venues in Peoria, Davenport, Kewanee, Iowa City, Galesburg, and more! Contact us if you have any questions about your location.

5. Do you have a staff?

We have an awesome staff! Henn House Barbeque started with me (Phil) and a smoker. As we grow we have added a great team to help serve our clients best.

6. Is there a minimum number of guests for catered events?

There is no minimum for catering! Planning a family gathering for 12 or a wedding for 1,000 we can accommodate you! Working with your guest list and your budget can be difficult, we try to ease that burden by allowing you to customize a menu to fit your needs. Our food truck has a minimum of $600 in sales for any events within 60 miles of Galesburg, Illinois.

7. Do we have to get smoked meat?

Nope! We have a full catering menu. Because our menu is customizable, you can decide what will work for you, your budget, and your event. Our smoked brisket and pulled pork our the most popular items. However, our menu also has delicious pastas, hams, and sides. Plus: If you don't see it on our menu, just ask! We would be more than happy to accommodate you.

8. Can we pick up food for later?

Yes! We do take home dinners from our location in Altona, Illinois. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for dates and times. We can also prepare your catered meal for pick up. Contact us if you think this would best fit your needs.


If you have any other questions about catering events, food truck, or our menu please email and we would be happy to assist you!


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