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Which BBQ Side Dish Fits Your Event? Take Our Corporate Catering Quiz to Find Out!

Feast Your Eyes on Menu Options for Catering for Your Corporate Event

Building the perfect menu for a corporate event is no small task. Whether you’re treating your team to a celebratory meal or putting your best foot forward for prospective clients, you want delicious food that will leave a lasting impression.

BBQ, done right, is one of the best choices for pleasing a variety of taste buds. Smoked-to-perfection meats are hard to resist for even the most discerning palettes, especially when you partner with local corporate caterer Henn House BBQ.

Although your main entree is the star of the show, it’s often side dishes that stump event planners. Fortunately, we have a fun and easy solution for helping you settle on a side to finalize your menu.

Take the following quiz, recording your answers on a scrap piece of paper. When you’re finished, you’ll have a better idea of which corporate catering side dish is right for your event.

Which Side Dish Should You Choose from Our Corporate Catering Menu?

1. What main BBQ meat are you planning to serve?

a. Pork

b. Beef

c. Chicken or turkey

d. A mix of the above

2. Will you be using BBQ sauce?

a. Of course! The more sauce, the better.

b. No, I want to wholly taste the meat.

c. I’ll put it on the side.

d. All I need is a little bit of sauce.

3. What is the style or atmosphere of your event?

a. Classic and traditional

b. Sophisticated and upscale

c. Trendy and modern

d. Casual and laid-back

4. When will your event take place?

a. Fall

b. Winter

c. Spring

d. Summer

5. Where will you host your event?

a. Office environment

b. Banquet hall

c. Party venue

d. Outdoor setting

6. How would you describe your guests’ eating preferences?

a. Most prefer familiar comfort foods.

b. Most are adventurous eaters.

c. Some have specific dietary restrictions.

d. It varies; there are all types of eaters in the group.

7. Which statement matches your main objective for your event’s menu?

a. Stick to a traditional BBQ menu with all the classics.

b. Ensure high-quality corporate catering that will wow your guests.

c. Offer unique and memorable food options.

d. Provide a variety of choices to cater to all tastes.

Tally Up Your Score to Discover Your Corporate Catering Side

Got your answers? Count up the number of As, Bs, Cs, and Ds. Your result corresponds with the letter with the most responses.

If You Chose Mostly As, Opt for Our Baked Beans

Based on your answers, your group will appreciate the rich, homestyle flavors of our BBQ baked beans. This dish is a particularly popular selection for corporate event catering and incorporates a signature blend of spices that keeps guests coming back for more. Pair our baked beans with our tender pulled pork or succulent ribs for a classic, yet unforgettable combination.

If You Chose Mostly Bs, Consider Our Loaded Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Our mashed potatoes are a great addition to a gourmet corporate catering menu. The pleasant hint of garlic makes them irresistibly tasty; it’s no wonder they’re a favorite among Henn House BBQ clients. The creamy texture of the dish also means they’re the perfect complement to our slow-cooked brisket, allowing the smokiness of the meat to shine.

If You Chose Mostly Cs, Our Spring Mix Lettuce Salad Is the Right Accompaniment

It’s hard not to love a dose of healthy greens! Our spring mix lettuce salad adds freshness to any plate and can help cut the heartiness of a meaty main. Equal parts nutritious and flavorful, this side dish is one of our most versatile and can work well for lunch catering or a full dinner spread. It’s also an ideal choice for vegetarian eaters looking for a meatless alternative.

If You Chose Mostly Ds, Serve Up Our Coleslaw or Original Potato Chips

It sounds like you’re preparing for an epic warm-weather picnic, complete with pulled BBQ sandwiches! To round out your menu, we recommend including our coleslaw or original potato chips. These savory and crunchy options are real crowd pleasers with everyone on your guest list. What’s more, they’re easy to serve in large quantities, making them a smart solution for catering for corporate events in casual settings.

Design Your Meal with Help from Our Corporate Caterers

The food you serve can be the difference between a successful event and one that leaves a lot to be desired. That’s why Henn House BBQ allows you to create a completely custom menu. Forget settling for a set number of options, and instead choose the number and kinds of dishes that best suit your needs and preferences.

Whether your event warrants catering for lunch or dinner, we have a diverse range of options to satisfy your guests. Partner with Henn House BBQ, serving areas of Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa, and look forward to a memorable culinary experience.

Submit our online form to get a free quote. For any questions about catering for corporate events, email Phil at


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