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Your menu questions: answered.

The Henn House Barbeque team loves talking to brides(and grooms)-to-be as they start to figure out what their wedding reception will look like. This time of year our inbox is flooded with questions from couples trying to make a ton of decisions in a stressful wedding planning time. We want to take a minute to answer the number one most asked question(s).

Our most frequently asked questions revolve around the menu. Because, after all, your menu could make or break your reception. How many entrees do you need? How many sides? Do you have to have a cocktail hour? Will you get to take the leftovers? What time should we eat?

When planning your menu you need to think about your guests, your venue, your budget, and most importantly about what you like to eat. Sometimes it is easy to forget that it is YOUR special day! To serve food you don't enjoy would not be memorable or enjoyable to you, the happy couple. Because each couple is different, each wedding is different. And because each wedding is different, each menu is different. There is not a great hard and fast rule when answering these questions. But let's answer a couple to help ease your mind...

You never want your guests to get hangry at your reception. This is why appetizers during "cocktail hour" is so important! If the happy couple and wedding party are taking photos after the ceremony, we recommend 2-4 light appetizers immediately following the ceremony. Fruit tray, nacho bar, and veggies all make for a great snack to keep guests happy without letting them get too full for your excellent dinner.

Choosing "how many" of each menu option is a choice the Henn House Barbeque team can help you determine after seeing your guest list. Smaller receptions require less options. Typically we recommend 2 entree choices, 3-5 sides, and 2-3 desserts. This allows your guests to get through the meal line, while still allowing for enough options to keep everyone happy and coming back for more!

Speaking of coming back for more...the leftovers are yours! We always prepare enough for you and your guests to have seconds. After your event, our team will box up the leftovers for you to reheat and enjoy later.

Do you have other menu questions not answered here? Head to our website or email our team ( and we will get right back to you! Happy menu planning!


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