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The Hennenfents behind Henn House Barbeque

Phil Hennenfent founded Henn House Barbeque along with his wife Johanna in 2014. If you're local to the area you may know Phil and Johanna from their work in the community as first responders, Johannas work as an emergency room nurse, or ROWVA graduates and supporters. But who is the Hennenfent behind Henn House Barbeque?

Phil grew up on a farm with his parents (Pat and Kim) and and brothers in Wataga, Illinois. Phil has fond, and exhausting, memories growing up on the farm. Many spring breaks were spent building and rebuilding hog fences! He graduated from ROWVA High School in 2001 and married Johanna in the fall of 2012.

When Phil and Johanna have a rare night without a catering event on the schedule, you will most likely find them eating tacos and finding adventure outside! They love snowmobiling all winter long and take as many trips as possible to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. In the summer they love taking their puppy Solo to the lake, long motorcycle rides, and boating. What a blessing to be able to do life, and business, together as a team!

When asked what his favorite event to cater was; Phil was certain it was weddings. "Being able to celebrate with the couple and seeing their friends and family happy makes those events incredibly rewarding", Phil said. Every event has its own personal touches. Graduation parties, food truck events, weddings, and everything in between has a certain Henn House Barbeque flair. That uniqueness is what makes Henn House Barbeque special to the community.

Phil and Johanna Hennenfent


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