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The Dillon Wedding

Michael and Hillary Dillon ~ November 5, 2017

Henn House Barbeque thrives during wedding season. We love to meet with couples and talk about how they envision their wedding day. Because our menu is 100% customizable, each wedding can be unique, and fit the style and theme of the wedding. We sat down with Hillary Dillon, a Henn House Barbeque bride from 2016 to ask her perspective on working with Henn House Barbeque for her wedding catering.

1. How did you meet Michael? Michael and I met at college - Western Illinois University. We lived 6 doors down from each other. It is actually where he proposed too!  3. What was important to you when picking a wedding caterer?  When picking a caterer, we wanted it to be affordable, but also taste good! We also wanted food that we enjoyed eating.  4. How was the communication between you and Henn House Barbecue? Communication was great! Phil was very accommodating whether we met in person, texted, called, or emailed. He was always got back to us in a timely manner and helped us plan out our menu to fit our budget and needs. 5. What was your favorite food from your big day? It is hard to pick a favorite food! A few of my favorites that I found to be delicious  were the candied bacon and pulled pork sandwiches.  6. Would you recommend Henn House to other brides-to-be?  I would highly recommend Henn House to other couples getting married.  They are easy to work - not pushy and very accommodating.  We love that Hillary had a positive experience working with Henn House Barbeque for her wedding! If you are starting to plan your wedding, we would love to have a conversation with you. Like Hillary mentioned, we never push you into something you are not prepared for, and make sure to accommodate your wedding needs. We are currently booking through 2020 and would love to be a part of your special wedding day!


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