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Planning a Pandemic Wedding

The Henn House Barbeque team knows first hand how many brides-to-be have had to postpone, pivot, and completely change your big day around. As the pandemic drags on longer than any of us hoped or wished for, we know plans are once again shifting.  Let us give some tips to help ease the stress that will inevitably come. Plan B (or C or D) can be just as lovely and meaningful as your first plan.

Backyard, small, and virtual weddings can be beautiful! We have three tips: plan, plan, and plan. Meticulous pre-planning makes the day of the event go incredibly smooth. Remember, your wedding is all about a couple showing everyone they're in love and enjoying the shared experience of their wedding.

Planning Tip #1:  Talk to a rental company or a catering company—yes, we can help answer these questions!—before you make change of plan decisions. We will know how much space you will need to set up tables, booths, food line and a dance floor to accommodate your guest count, and will likely suggest different catering options that best meets your visions and space constraints. You will never regret the setup and teardown help of a respectable rental company.

Planning Tip #2: Make clear any social distancing rules you want set for your big day. Communication is key. Are you asking guests to wear masks? Maybe handing out little hand sanitizers as a guest gift? Spacing out your chairs? All of these questions are a part of our "new normal" and the more you communicate with your guests the better!

Planning Tip #3: Let the professionals help you! No body wants to be stuck cutting the cake, running to Walmart last minute, or taking mediocre photos. You want your people to be in the moment with you. Utilize your caterer (click here for more menu tips), photographer, wedding planner, rental company, etc. Each of your vendors will have a list of things/moments to remember. Because we've been doing this for a while, learn from our mistakes and let us help you.

Remember you’re not alone right now . So many couples have been impacted, countless weddings have been postponed, and we know it’s a challenging time for so many couples impacted by this pandemic. The most important part is to make sure you are celebrated. It does not matter what plan number you are on, your day can be unique, special, and perfect!


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