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Not Just Barbeque!

Not just Barbeque!

It’s in the name. Henn House BARBEQUE. Everyone knows how delicious the Barbeque is. Competition ribs, smoked brisket, pulled pork, bbq chicken. Try the Barbeque of Henn House Barbeque, just once, to know what the hype is all about. We promise, it's that good.

But you should know, Henn House Barbeque is more than just Barbeque. We know that sometimes elegant occasions call for elegant foods. For this reason we have expanded our menu to be a full-service catering company! Our menu is still 100% customizable. Now we have even more options to choose from! Chicken Alfredo, smoked ham, lasagna, and more. Include appetizers and desserts as part of your event. Henn House Barbeque is your one stop shop to make all of your catering needs simple and easy.

Although Barbeque will always be first in our hearts, we are excited to provide you with exactly what your event needs. From the first time you call Phil, we make sure you feel excited about the food being served at your event!

Do you need the best barbeque pork for your graduation party? Great!

Is your wedding needing creamy chicken Alfredo? Perfect.

Office lunch calling for a taco bar? Call us!

Appetizers and Desserts for a baby shower? We’ve got you covered.

Fruit and Dessert Plates!

Henn House Barbeque aims to create a carefree experience. You should not have to worry about the food once your event is under way. Let us take care of it for you!

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