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4 things your Wedding Caterer wants you to know...

Have you ever been to a wedding and that nagging hanger started to creep in? Or maybe you've helped decorate for a wedding and realized that no one brought a cake cutter?

Over the past three years we have catered dozens of weddings. Throughout it all, we have complied a list of "oops", and now we want to share with you! If you're planning a wedding, or it's years down the road, we hope these tips are helpful to you through your wedding planning process.

1) Have someone in charge!

Whether it is a beautiful backyard event, or an elegant church wedding. If you're planning for 50 or 500, make sure you have someone designated as the day-of coordinator. Not only will this help your pictures run smoother, your DJ stay on task, and your guest understand what is happening next. It will also help your caterer know if there is a delay and be best prepared for the flow of events. The day-of coordinator can be a wonderful paid assistant, or someone a little removed from your family, just make sure to meet with them before your wedding so they understand your agenda for the big day!

2) Appetizers make for happy guests

You and your special love just got married! Congratulations! Now you skip into the woods to take stunning photos with your wedding party and get lost in marital bliss. Meanwhile, your hangry guests are staring holes into your caterer (do we know from personal experience, yes). Whatever the time of day, if you have thirty minutes or more between your ceremony and reception, you should feed your guests. Appetizers can be as simple as a veggie tray or as elaborate as meatballs and candied bacon. This will fill time and keep everyone happy.

3) Cake details matter.

Often times it is the little details that go overlooked. Are you doing a traditional cake cutting? If so, make sure you have a pretty cake knife and server to plate your first piece of cake. Do you have cake for all of your guests? Make sure you've remembered to assign someone to cut and serve the whole cake. Are you wanting to save the traditional first tier for your first anniversary? Did you tell someone to save it? It can be overwhelming to think over every little detail. But by doing so, you can save from disappointment later on.

4) Assign "refill duty".

If you have food, snacks, or drinks that you are providing aside from the caterer, have someone designated to be on refill duty. Often times we have seen silverware, plates, and drinks get forgotten which can also lead to frustrated guests. By being prepared (or letting your caterer handle it all!) you can avoid this little hiccup that leads to bigger problems.

We love our wedding couples and helping to ease the burden of wedding planning! However, we understand that sometimes you want your special cake cutter or appetizers. These tips can hopefully be a short guide for your big day. If you're wondering how Henn House Barbeque makes weddings special contact us or visit our website today!


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